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Principal - Elementary School, Bilingual Preferred

Yakima School District
Yakima, Washington, United States
2 days ago


Position Goal:

To serve as an instructional leader working directly with elementary school staff, students, families, district and the community on the school and district’s vision, mission, and strategic goals to support career and college readiness for ALL students.  The Elementary School Principal is equity oriented, leading for results, and helping staff to grow and develop to meet the needs of all students. She/he collaborates closely with colleagues in service of student learning through fostering the leadership of others to support the school’s overall approach to teaching and learning improvement. The role includes using an equity stance toward her/his work and demonstrating equitable and inclusive outcomes in services to students, families, and staff. 

  • Ability to cultivate a learning climate and program coherence among instructional initiatives and provide quality professional development utilizing a teaching and learning approach
  • Ability to lead the learning of self and others
  • Ability to flex communication style to multiple cultural environments
  • Experience working with diverse audiences and with a diverse team
  • An understanding of the concepts of institutional and structural racism and bias and their impact on underserved and underrepresented communities

Essential Job Functions:  

  1. Creating a school culture that promotes the ongoing improvement of learning and teaching for students by:
  • Maintaining high expectations and standards of performance for self, staff, and students
  • Creating a school culture that values and responds to the characteristics and needs of each learner
  • Engaging in crucial conversations for ongoing improvement, facilitates collaborative processes
  • Leading toward continuous improvement
  • Promoting and engaging in distributive leadership
  • Possessing a cultural sensitivity of respect and appreciation for diverse groups of students and staff
  • Relating to elementary level students
  1. Providing for school safety by:
  • Providing for physical safety for students and staff
  • Creating and protecting identity safety as defined by AWSP
  • Providing for student physical, social-emotional and intellectual safety by assisting in the development, implementation, and monitoring of a student discipline policy and positive behavior strategies that consider the whole child and will provide a safe, orderly, purposeful, and positive learning environment for students and teachers
  • Assisting in the development, implementation, and monitoring of building procedures and practices, including but not limited to, a school-wide behavior model
  • Providing support for the operation and maintenance of a safe, clean, physical environment
  1. Leading the development, implementation, and evaluation of a data-driven plan for increasing student achievement, including the use of multiple student data elements by:
  • Recognizing and seeking out multiple data sources
  • Creating data-driven plans for improving teaching and learning
  • Analyzing and interpreting multiple data sources to inform school-level improvement efforts
  • Implementing data driven plan for improved teaching and learning
  • Assisting staff to guide, modify and improve classroom teaching and student learning
  • Providing evidence of student growth resulting from the school improvement process
  1. Assisting instructional staff with alignment of curriculum, instruction and assessment with state, local and district learning goals by:
  • Assisting staff in aligning curricula to state-adopted standards and the district strategic plan
  • Assisting staff in aligning best instructional practices to state and district learning goals
  • Assisting staff in aligning assessment practices to best instructional practices
  • Creating a school culture that promotes the ongoing improvement of learning and teaching for students and staff
  • Providing support for the development and implementation of building and student instructional schedules
  1. Monitoring, assisting, and evaluating effective instruction and assessment practices by:
  • Monitoring instruction and assessment practices
  • Assisting staff in developing required student growth plan and identifying valid, reliable sources of evidence of effectiveness
  • Assisting staff in implementing effective instruction and assessment practices
  • Providing evidence of student growth of selected teachers
  • Developing, supporting, and evaluating activities and programs according to student needs and district goals and objectives
  • Evaluating teachers and assistant principals for the improvement of student achievement
  1. Managing Resources by:
  • Recruiting and hiring teachers who align with Yakima School District’s Mission and Vision
  • Managing self
  • Managing human resources with ongoing professional development
  • Managing staff, time, talent and fiscal resources to support student achievement
  • Fulfilling legal and ethical responsibilities
  1. Partnering with the school community to promote student learning by:
  • Working cooperatively and collaboratively with colleagues, Central Services staff, OSPI staff, and other external partners
  • Developing and sustaining meaningful partnerships with families of diverse backgrounds and community members that support student achievement and well-being
  • Maintaining an active role in the community to include partnerships and ongoing communication
  1. Demonstrating commitment to closing the achievement gap by:
  • Identifying barriers to achievement and knowing how to close resulting gaps
  • Knowing, understanding, and monitoring programs for subgroup populations of students, ie. special needs, migrant, bilingual
  • Demonstrating a commitment to close the achievement gap
  • Providing evidence of growth in student learning
  1. Demonstrate school improvement competencies in the following areas:
  • Driving for results: Maintains a relentless focus on providing high quality teaching and learning
  • Influencing for results: Able to work through and with others
  • Problem-solving: Able to solve and simplify complex problems
  • Confidence to lead: Able to stay focused, committed, self-assured, and resilient

 Other Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Model appropriate professional behaviors and practices in all settings
  • Participate as an active member of the Elementary School Principals PLC
  • Serve as the leader and advocate between the building and district for all elementary school programs
  • Select and hire staff, as appropriate, according to needs of the school and consistent with district goals and objectives with staff input
  • Possess and exhibit strong communication and interpersonal relations skills to promote student learning:
    • Be sensitive to the needs and concern of all educational stakeholders - Practice honest, open, straightforward interpersonal skills
    • Practice active listening for all educational stakeholders
    • Promote and develop staff leadership
    • Practice a good public relations program
  • Possess and use skills of effective oral and written communication to further the understanding and common vision of improving student achievement
  • Develop, support, and evaluate the advisory, activities, and athletic programs according to student needs and district goals and objectives
  • Actively support and implement district identified instructional programs and initiatives
  • Other duties as assigned

Expectation for Continued Employment:

  • Employment is contingent upon passing the Washington State Patrol and Federal Bureau of Investigation Criminal Background Check and Drug/Alcohol screen
  • Maintain consistent presence at assigned worksite and regular work hours
  • Comply with all District policies and operational procedures
  • Comply with the Code of Professional Conduct
  • Maintain punctuality and regular attendance
  • Maintain certification at all times
  • Complete SafeSchools online training in accordance with the Yakima School District
  • Obtain a CPR and First Aid Card if needed


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Master’s Degree required
  • Valid Washington State Teacher or Counselor ESA Certification
  • Valid Washington State Principal Credentials
  • Experience teaching diverse students required
  • Certified in Danielson teaching framework, or ability and willingness to complete training within three months of hiring
  • Employees must provide proof of vaccination for COVID-19 as a condition of employment per Governor Inslee's proclamation 21-14.1

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Demonstrated positive impact on student growth and achievement
  • Experience establishing and maintaining effective interpersonal relationships with a variety of
  • stakeholders in a multi-ethnic, multicultural, diverse socio-economic environment
  • History of effective communications, written and verbal
  • Record of dependability, flexibility, and regular attendance
  • Maintains confidentiality
  • Minimum three years school administrator experience
  • Minimum five years classroom teaching experience
  • Bilingual/Biliterate Spanish/English

Job Information

  • Job ID: 63287913
  • Location:
    Yakima, Washington, United States
  • Company Name For Job: Yakima School District
  • Position Title: Principal - Elementary School, Bilingual Preferred
  • Job Function: Principal
  • Salary: $123,039.00 - $143,320.00 (Yearly Salary)
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